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RagnaRok Star

RagnaRok Star... Now available !

From Nirvana to Valhalla!
In this game, you play as a Viking heavy metal band to play a concert for Odin.
There is just one problem… They don’t have any fans.
A fun family programming game in which you will try to fill your concert hall. 
Collect fans, steal from your opponents, sign contracts, make the icebergs move ... all to music of course!


Launch of Enginious VR game

Perte & Fracas is happy to introduce you to Enginious, the next game we are working on.
with the Teapot Creation Studio.
Enginious is a virtual reality helmet video game.
which mixes adventure and enigmas in a pirate/steampunk universe.
The concept of the game, directly inspired by the escapes games, will make you live the adventures of Captain Dil Healy leading the investigation equipped with his strange mechanical prosthesis.