Perte et Fracas - RAGNAROK STAR on Kickstarter

RagnaRok Star

RagnaRok Star pre-orders

After the success of its Kickstarter campaign
more than 250% financed,
the RagnaRok Star game is about to be released.
to go into production. There is still time to order you
r copy by visiting Gamefound website .


Launch of Enginious VR game

Perte & Fracas is happy to introduce you to Enginious, the next game we are working on.
with the Teapot Creation Studio.
Enginious is a virtual reality helmet video game.
which mixes adventure and enigmas in a pirate/steampunk universe.
The concept of the game, directly inspired by the escapes games, will make you live the adventures of Captain Dil Healy leading the investigation equipped with his strange mechanical prosthesis.