RagnaRok Star DELUXE KS Edition

RagnaRok Star DELUXE KS Edition

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  • Everything Board Games
    « RagnaRok Star at its heart is a colorful, light-strategic, family game... something you should look into... »
  • Kaelawen & les Meeples
    « RagnaRok Star reminds me of my favourite game, Colt Express.» « A very good introduction to learn the principle of programming in board games.»
  • Board Game Gumbo
    « RagnaRok Star is the right complexity level for any family game night... »
  • Les Recettes Ludiques
    « It's a real treat! Accessible but with real choices. Fast, funny, without dead time, it totally does the job and so for us it is of course validated!»
  • Vonguru
    « Brain burner and ambiance! »