Sanctuary Island

verso-alternative2.jpgSanctuary Island is a Kickstarter exclusive alternative game mode unlocked by backer #666 during the campaign. With this alternative rule, we redesigned the 4 islands in the colors of the 4 metal bands for which the community gave the most votes.
Ultra Vomit / Agora / Hybrid Harmony / Nemedian Chronicles

Alternative Game Rule :

In the center of the alternative board is an ice island : Sanctuåry Island, a place of worship where non-collected Fans come to gather. Each of the 4 islands has its own podium on the sanctuary.

At the end of each round, after having modified the Ice Islands, the Ice Master must move 1 Fan from each island to the sanctuary provided that the podium is empty and that the reference island still has Fans.

During the programming phase, it is possible to move on the sanctuary island by checking the 4 islands on his moving action (normal navigation or flying navigation). Once moored, it is then possible to solicit the Fans present ... or even steal an unprotected opponent !